The scheduled outdoor concert for the Beth. Fine Arts Commish moved indoors into the Rotunda of the City Center.  Lined up behind me was the arch of leather seats and microphones for City Council, perfect back drop for my backup group, The Supremes – 5 for rightwingers, 4 for liberal commie-types. 


The audience was kid-less, so I could do a full set of the real good stuff, with some very funny ad lib moments and songs that were fun to do with adults.  It felt good to play for a sophisticated audience.  Yes.


Ansel backed me up for the evening, and wowed ’em with two fine harp solos as well as his tasteful backups and leads.  A treasure to play with.  A lady bought the Live at GD CD, and remarked, “Ansel plays harp, too?”  I had to explain that harp and harmonica are the same things…..


None the less, a very fine evening of music amongst friends.


Tomorrow morning, 10:30 set for kids at a hippy happening in Schuylkill Haven and the lads from CT are coming in for Godfrey’s in the evening.