We had the pleasure to play for the little kids at a nice, rural primary school in Long Valley on Monday.  It was a 9 and 1 day, so big space in between.


The first set was K and 2nd grade in a gym, and went well, the lads playing light.  Weird room with a staggered echo that took some getting used to (actually, we learned to ignore it).  As we often do, we ask it there are any Irish step dancers for the jig part (early on), and a K girl eagerly volunteered and did a great job.  Amazing to see the kids and teachers and band react to such a wonderful event.


We tend to make friends with the custodians since they are the folks we deal with loading in, and often they are musicians as well.  Today, we connected with one who played country music, and he really had a good time.  He helped haul stuff, too.  Yes…


The second show was a K and 1st, and during the jig part, a girl with a poofy dress got up and did an improvised twirl, enjoying her dress as only little girls can do….  how cute.