A market day for Dave.  I played my first Madison gig of the year for three hours that passed quickly.  I learned my lesson from the Milford gig earlier this month and set up amongst the vendors.  I used to set up in the middle of the big green and enjoyed the space.  But few folks tossing in a buck.  No matter, cause some familiar folks showed up, spread blankets and hung out for the festivities.  It didn’t rain, though the probability was high. 


I headed up to Collinville for Eric Paradine’s Friday Open Mike.  Quite an active event with lots of good friends on hand.  It was good to have the opportunity to reconnect with Ron Anthony who rode shotgun.  I premiered ‘Born to be Wild’ to good effect, with folks eagerly joining in on the anthem-like chorus.  I then did ‘Pay Bo Diddley’ with Coyote on guitar (nice interplay), a fine pick-up conga player, Patti on vocals.  We rocked.  It was nice to play to a bar-like crowd and make it work.  Looks like I could pick up a gig there.  a busy day of play….