What a wonderful concert in a wonderful home in New Haven on Sunday.  I shared the afternoon with Cece and Ruth, a nice ballady duo from CT.  It was nice to play a full set in front of some relatively new faces, and I dragged out my Waldzither, my banjo, mandolin and Macheche Martin.  A clear, blue sky day in May.


Lou is a stand up bass player with Cornbread, and a patron of the acoustic arts, and Anna, his wife is a world class artist.  Their house is a veritable museum of her pieces (big) as well as some very old paintings from some masters.  Incredible.


I had a good time, and Lou paid some nice compliments to what and how I do what I do. 


A long drive from PA to CT.  Stay over at home and back to NJ for a RR assembly on Monday afternoon.