RockRoots showcased back where it all began, in an inner city school in Philly.  We were at a charter school on Broad Street (arts-based … cool), along with the reconstituted YA of Eastern PA, and several other performers.  Crammed into the lunch room on the fourth floor of an industrial building, we did a 15 minute version of the show, and it went well.


Familiar faces included the manager of the Please Touch Museum, and David Baskin formally president of the Philly Folk Festival.  They loved it, and got to see what a good show RR is, even at its stripped down showcase level.


The band was more than gracious to do the gig for free, and on a Saturday morning, and in Philly, to boot.  These are my brothers, in may ways.


Long day though, and will hibernate in Bethlehem for the evening, and head out to CT in the morning for my Roaring Brook Concert on Sunday afternoon.