I had the express opportunity to go on Bill Loftus’s morning radio show up in Schecksville (has to be PA) during his salute to Godfrey’s.  He was playing cuts from albums recorded by various GD performers over the years.  Always interesting to hear other folks favorites, and proud that Bill played Moose Turd Pie


I played some stuff live, talked about Godfrey’s and my interest in kids music.  Bill suggested that WXLV, an extension of LCCC, invite their Day Care Kids from on campus over to the station to tape a Dave Fry radio/video show.  How cool would that be?  Looks like this will happen, and open up some doors for the station, the college, perhaps GD’s, and other LV Teaching Artists.  There are so many levels to community connection that it frankly expands dramatically into many directions.


…and I can use the work.


Stay tuned, as they say on the radio.


Off to the John Gorka gig tonight.  Smile