Thursday was a trek to Prospect Park, NJ, through urban Paterson to a fairly beat-up section of town.  But what a great bunch of kids and teachers awaited us.  A big city school of ~ 900 kids, K through 8.  High Hispanic population, but mixed. The local college helped set it up for the school.  YANJ also recommended us to them. 


The first show was ~ 500 K – 4, and amazingly, the kids hung in with the informational part, listened well, and eventually got up and danced, as usual.  Great vibe.


The second show was the elders, 5th through 8th, and barely danced, but, again, wonderfully attentive and respectful.  And, during Peanut Butter, the principal brought up a blind special needs girl, and she nailed her part when she got on mike.  … to great applause.  A special moment.


These kids rarely get assemblies, rarely get to hear live music, and they respond accordingly.  The inner city gigs we do, are almost always like this.  It’s always a great experience, and we come away richer.