I filled in for a ‘last week’ cancellation at Godfrey’s on Saturday night, so I invited Ansel Barnum on harp to sit in, work on some stuff we’ve played together.  My friend Mance Robinson asked to do the opener so I said why not.  It figured to be a slow night, so the more, the merrier.  Turns out we were the only merrymen, along with Gar on sound.  Turns out it was a full lights, sound, recording session. 


My draw at Godfrey’s is negligible, to my bemusement, and it was a snowy January Saturday.  But, you know, its still about making the music amongst friends, and it was a pleasure to stretch it out with two fine musicians. 


Tomorrow night is the Vintage Open Mike, so everything is set up from tonight, and we’ll have a head start on tomorrow. 


Below the radar….  still.