What a fine evening of music that crossed a lot of genres, audiences and ages.  I started out with a ‘kids’ set though there were five seniors at a table to my left, and they worked well with the kids.  Many special moments when just a kid’s voice rang out for all to enjoy – a big part of the show.


I was surprised right off the bat when a curly moppet came up and asked about the ‘BB Song’.  Ah, ‘Santa Assasin’, but where did she hear me do that?  Not exactly one I feature in family shows.  But she said she heard me do it at Symphony Hall in November, (and that ‘I rocked’).  So I did it first, and it was cool.


I did the second set with more ‘adult’ stuff, and the same girl sat at the front table, with her twin sister and their twin sisters (4 of the same family).  So, in her honor I reprised ‘Santa Assasin’ for the second show.  A full house, with Dina and Mike backing up on ‘Pay, Bo Diddley’ adding Brittany Ann on ‘Peanut Butter’.

Brittany Ann commented that it was cool that she wang backup on that tune, since she (among many) grew up listening it  on my tape.


It was booked as Three Generations of Home Grown Godfrey’s, so Brittany Ann followed with her fine set.  She’s really developed as a singer and songwriter while still playing some ‘retro folk’ tunes.  And she had a nice crowd of younger folks, mixed with my older and younger crowd.  Nice.


Dina Hall followed suit with some fine originals, powerfully rendered, tasteful guitar with Mike Fritz, and Brittany and Mike’s daughter filling in some harmonies and mandolin.  I made an appearance as a chick singer, and almost got away with it. 


Checked out the fireworks from the bathroom window and checked out to sleep shortly after.  Happy New Year.Tongue out