I headed to PA (for a hair cut) and then to Pennington, NJ for an evening library gig.  The downtown section of the burg was closed, due to a holiday event in the center of the town.  So, I couldn’t drive past the barriers.  I pulled up to the cop there, and explained that I was scheduled to play down the street.  He said, “Are you the folk singer?  We’ve been expecting you.”  ..oh, boy, finally I get a police escort, … or something worse…  Anyway, he asked me what I play, and I mentioned banjo, and he said, “I play banjo, too.”  Damn.  How cool was this?


It was a fine time at the library, with lots of families bundled up for the cold. 


I noticed that many families left early, for many reasons.  But I wondered why folks don’t take in the whole performance, that ‘shows’ can be walked out on before the artist brings the event to its close.  I acknowledge the family situations, but what does that say about artistic events. 


Scratch my head and be glad folks had a good time.