I was impressed that I rose with the sun in my windshield in the morning and in my windshield headed back in the afternoon.  The days are short, but this was a long day.  I left Bethlehem before 7 am for Trenton for two RR’s at an ES, and, as expected, two fine dancing groups of kids at an inner city school.  The lads in the band were so fine…


We then lit out for Moorestown for a private school assembly in the early afternoon, and it was a hassle.  We loaded in at the school, only to find that there was a ES assembly going on, so we unloaded and moved to a second site for our MS assembly.  …all under the time restraints of Donnie’s gig in the Pocono’s later in the afternoon.  We did a crisp 45 minute show in a noisy gym, with lethargic teens (god bless the 5th grade) and did well.  It was tough, though. 


A long drive back to Bethlehem in Friday traffic, but got to check in with the Kennedy’s before their evening at Godfrey’s.  Good to make connections.


Tomorrow, my last Holiday gig at Christkindlemarkt.  I have some chores to do at Godfrey’s over Saturday and Sunday, and home to CT for the holiday’s….