Listen Live Music, in Zionsville, and Martin Guitar sponsored the LVMA competition for best Acoustic Song and Performance on Saturday night.  I entered the performance part with ‘Giants’, though I had practiced ‘Smokin’ Babies’ and ‘Black Jack Co. Chain’. 


I figured that I’d work the audience and the space into the acoustic experience, and it was a nice effect.  I ‘broke the plain’, so to speak, between the stage and the room.  I won the event, and got to hear some fine new folks and songs.  People doing their best stuff, and good sound and tight production of the show.


A nice moment:  A second grade fan of mine from St. Mike’s School in Limeport was with her mom displaying jewelry in the hall outside the venue.  We had a good time mixing it up over the course of the evening, and I told her I was going to do ‘Giants’.  She was tickled.  After the show, house lights up and folks chatting and saying hello and goodbye, she came over and said, “Yea!!!”.  I laughed and realized she had expressed my inner kid.  snap shot….  great.


An honor.  I’ll be at the LVMA ceremonies on Dec. 5th in Allentown.  I guess I’d better show up.