I headed out to my first Christmas gig in Bethlehem’s Christkindlmarkt, a big tented event  in the Christmas City.  Lots of nice crafts, food and music. 


It turned out to be a very family affair, with some returning families, and familiar faces, eager to get up on stage with me and ‘play’.  So, I passed out the ryhthm instruments early on, and the kids danced and played, regardless of the tune.  I didn’t know ‘Away in a Manger’ was such a get down tune! 


Many grandmoms up and dancing with their grandkids. (How often does that happen at your gigs?)  One grumpy (slightly) grandmom was mildly saying, “Oh no, not that song…)  Seems she has CD shock.  Anyway, I started “Peanut Butter” and she got up and walked away.  I yelled out at her, “Get me some coffee while you’re up!”  She yelled back, “Cream and sugar?”  I said, “sure!”


She came back and walked up to me with a very fresh cup o’ Joe.  The Christmas Spirit at work.  and memorable.


I found out that singing these semi-familiar carols at home is easier than in front of lots of people who really know (and can sing) the words and tunes.  I shall have to capo up two, to account for a tenser throat.  Always learning.


Day off between the tent and Symphony Hall on Sunday.