I had the express pleasure of presenting ‘Folk Music in the New Century’, my loose presentation for active elders at the ‘Hi Neighbor’ series at the First Pres Church in Bethlehem.  I followed Greg Fungfeld, the director of the Bach Choir, describing a concert he was preparing.  Great talk, with singing and piano work.  A very wise musician.


I followed up with, ‘Greg used up all the allelujahs.’ and took it from there.  A delightful audience.  I tried to tie in my work in schools, new work in arts-education and folk music. Afterwards, I chatted with some folks, and familiar faces.  The best part of the talk was a gentleman talking about his ‘folk’ experience as kid, singing ‘safety songs’ he learned in school.  He said he still gets together with friends and sings them. Quite amazing and an exclamation point on my thoughts about the power and retention of music in out lives.