I took a day off from the HOT Schools to make some money.  I had Clinton Day Care booked, but then my friends at Camp Happiness called, last minute to see if I could squeeze one in.  No problem.


The Day Care was two sets, one for the wee ones, and one for the older kids – each with its own quirks, shall we say.  The little kids were fun, a lot of the wee-wee ones just stared (that’s ok, too).  Lots of hands on rhythm instruments.


The older kids, especially the boys, have too much TV in them, so its different.  Lots of eye-to-eye, some goofing on, etc.  But boys are like those magnetic dogs, bound to jump on each other.  Such is evolution.  I was sweating when I left for Milford.


Ah, Camp Happiness.  They like me there.  and I like to be there, too.  It’s a special needs camp (not extreme as some places I play) in Milford, and these kids are sharp as are the counselors.  It’s a rare and wonderful thing when the counselors are involved in what I do.  It take us it all to a better place for all of us: I get to experiment with different ‘techniques’, the kids get to shine, and the counselors witness wonderful things with the kids.  Many, many different  ‘aha’ moments for me, the kids and staff.  Intense and gratifying making music/art together. 


I’m a lucky guy.