I headed out to the Hills of PA for two campfires at an old kids camp in the Poconos.  The camp’s been run for 50 years or so by the same family.  Lots of tradition.  Mickey, the camp director, heard of me from Sing-Out! Magazine, so he wanted to give the kids an idea of ‘Pete Seeger” campfires, and try to get across what an unamplified songfest is all about.  A tough gig on several front.


It rained so we were in some bigger pavilions, much less romantic, and acoustically challenging situations.  The first – 70 boys – and counselors.  The counselors and most of the boys got the message, but some guys were in techno-land and couldn’t relate.


The second was with 200 girls, some teens, too.  Bigger audience but more willing to interact.  I did ‘Happy Shark’ and some girls performed their version.  Very cool.  I’m glad I had spent some time in the gym to prepare for the physical strain.  A long, but quiet ride to Bethlehem through the quiet and dark road of NE PA.  good for the soul.  Zionsville tomorrow night.