It was another Madison Twofer, with Strong House and the Farmers’ Market.  Four hours of practice.


Strong House is an adult daycare facility, and they bus folks off to this nice center.  They gather in the listening room, oh, 20 or so folks, and we play.  I get to do some of my kids stuff, play mandolin, fool with them, and eventually we’re all singing, banging tamborines, and often reckless dancing breaks out.  Little pay but great learning experience.


Off to the Green for the Farmers’ Market.  It’s hot but there is a big old tree covering where I sit, so we cool.  Again, lots of kids picking up the instruments, running around, families on blankets, dogs of all sizes.  It struck me, this is what a town green is all about.


One little girl showed up in a pink cape and matching pink cut-out gloves – all with her initial “I” embroidered on them.  (Isabelle, as I found out) I need a cape!


Off to Bethelehem for tomorrow’s Blueberry Festival.