What a wonderful day (and week) at Whitfield ES in Reading.  I finished up a residency, writing songs and carryin’ on with a whole school of creative people.  I worked out of Phyllis Sands’ classroom, writing (and interacting) with K – 6th grades, making music.  We collaborated on The Cat Came Back, Names to the Animals , Down by the Bay and a brand new tune with the 6th grade – Beach Party. Cool


It was five days of interaction with kids, teachers (custodians, staff, lunchroom ladies, special ed kids and teachers) throughout an entire school, stirring the community up and making music.  Always an inspiring situation.


The challenge remains to engage the core group (this case, the 6th grade) to come up with a full-fledged song, perform it and take ownership.  It always does, especially at the final assembly.  (They knocked it out of the park!)


I’m just started in refining the ‘ore’ of songs, album art work, lyrics, etc. to produce a PowerPoint DVD for each class, with pix, art, lyrics, so that the project lives on. ….good creative work that makes a difference.