This 1st through 5th school in West Caldwell, NJ has a unique lunchtime ‘cafe’ or ‘dinner theater’ gig, playing for two half hour sets while the kids ffinish up their lunch period.  The kids are cranked cause it’s their time to get together socially, so after some presentational food songs (Peanut Butter, Vegetable Song, etc.), we got up and moved – Tutti Tah, Shark, Freeze Dance, etc.  The little kids were great, and the older kids were, too, though the 5th grade boys got into that physicality, bumping into each other, piling on, so we pulled over briefly.


Interesting in that there were no teachers, but some lunch moms to help out.  They were dancing along, too.  But you can see how the energy changes when the ‘Authorities” aren’t there.  Two half hour sets, but I was rung like a mop when I was done.  Hard work.  Tomorrow, RR in NJ and home to wish my wife, Kim a happy birthday.  Not much work ’til next Thursday.