Ah, the Palisades of NJ!  Long drive for all concerned, but a nice invasion of Northeastern Jersey for the lads.  Flurries…. but not bad travel for these cold times.  Old school auditorium and they tend to sound just fine, and look cool, too.  Lotsa wood…..  7th and 8th were reserved, but then, the principal said they were trained to be that way.  they were fine, but it’s always the goofy guys that get up and carry on…..   The 5th and 6th grades are always more in touch with the physicality of music and respond as only their feeble brains can do – boogie fever!  as it should be…..   I’m tickled to play for kids and with these fine players: Nick, Donnie and Kevin.  We’re still a secret to the the real world…..Cool  Cool.