Ron and I head northeastward into the hills of CT to Willimantic and The Bread Box “open mike” that Trainwreck clued us in on.  A small, stone church – high ceilings, and classic ‘gothic’ style.  Run by Bruce John, one of the volunteers, the open mike will be more of a ‘artist showcase’ (interesting idea), monthly on the third Wednesday.  Nice sound system, some video-taping and a curious audience.  It also benefits the food pantry and soup kitchen that runs in the same building.


Eric Parradine did a great set of new Christmas songs – what a treat to hear and see this man play his songs (I think ‘play’ is operative).  I did Shoe That Fly, Baby Shark (for novelty purposes), and Zat You, Santa Claus.  Strong set and it was fun to take people by surprise.  (happens a lot in CT).  Long drive, but Ron and I agreed it was worth the hike. 


To Bethlehem and RR in NJ on Friday.