Well, surprise, surprise!  I found out yesterday that I had won the LV Music Awards Best Folk (Folker, Folkdude,…) on Tuesday night, back at Allentown Symphony Hall.  I learned when Dina Hall emailed out a message to the Godfrey’s page that Godfrey’s won ‘Best Jam’ and ‘Best Open Mike’, and that I was a winner.  (coulda been one of those Nigerian things).  She emailed back that I won the Folk Award.


I was amazed because, when I voted, I was not on the list of nominees, so that was that.  Anyway, I’m sorry that I didn’t stick in town for a couple of days.  But, you know, Symphony Hall can be overplayed, and my manager said no.  Too bad.


I’m getting some nice facebook comments, though I’m secure in knowing and enjoying the respect of many musicians, I thought my chance had passed.  Who gets to see me play, anyway (in the ‘serious’ musical world)?


But, I’m flattered and thankful for all who recognize my craft and art and my theater skills to do what I do.  And to use those skills to communicate with people of all ages, and help to create community.