This summer I was married on the beach in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  In lieu of the traditional, albeit ‘scary’ wedding dances (polkas, chicken dance, etc…), we opted to have our 13 year old son lead the guests in a performance of  your Shark Dance.  My father-in-law wore a shark suit and all guests, from 2 – 92 joined in the ‘911’ celebration.  A little ‘Weekend at Bernie – ish’, but lots of fun and something that all guests will remember…so thanks!

As a personal aside, I have been a fan of yours for 20+ years…we used to load the nursery school students from my mom’s day care into the back of station wagons – in the days before permission slips and law suits – to trek across the valley and catch your Touchstone ‘Peace Train’ performances.  My mom, who played the guitar, ‘borrowed’ your material until all her students could do all verses of All God’s Critters, among others!


W. Bonsall, teacher