Tough day on the road, but thanks to several angels, I got the gig done. 


The Bethlehem cops had my car towed, as I took off for the 1 pm gig.  The cop didn’t  find my car in the computer (seems I haven’t committed my licence number to memory sufficiently), and as I churned across the H to H Bridge, I called on Angel #1, Ramona, who drove me around picking up the pieces.  the cop found my info, directed me to the garage that had my car.  They insisted on cold cash ($230 big ones), and after a visit to the ATM, the deal was sealed with 15 minutes til show time.  I called ahead and got there at 1:10 pm.  Angel # 2, Phil, the sound man had things all ready for me and I hit at 1:15.  Not bad, except for I was bushed.


Anyway, the day went well, we gave away a bike, and I put the check in the bank to kinda pay for the other stuff. 


I won’t park there no more, no more…..


Tomorrow at a senior’s center in Old Saybrook, CT.