I enjoyed a small, but mighty audience Saturday.  I was looking to exercise some newer songs I’ve been working on.  And I was looking for some live cuts to put on some kind of an album.  The first set went very nicely.  I dusted off (literally) my 12 string and cranked it up for two tunes, including Rodeo Rider (dusted that one off, too)  I played my Waldzither, and hopefully got a nice recording of this old instrument.  I even did my Australian tunes, Zombie Jamboree, too.


I still find it hard that I often can’t draw folks to my show at Godfrey’s.  But I still find it one of the more challenging rooms, yet suited to my style.  No surprise there, I suppose. Foot in mouth


A very funny moment happened on Sunday morning, though.  As I was puttering around in Godfrey’s, cleaning up my stuff in the front with door open, two gray-haired biker buddies came walking down 4th Street on this fine morning.  They stop by the side window, and one of them said, “They got some local guys, Dave Fry.  He’s an old one…”


I walked out the door and, in my best biker, said, “FY  Who you callin’ old?!”  The guy’s friend split a gut, and was soon followed by his chagrined pal.  It was a very good moment.  Watch what you say….