We hit the road about 5:15 for a RR in Marlton, NJ.  We made it, andplayed for the eighth graders, a subdued but appreciative crowd.  The teachers went nuts, though, join by teh lunchroom ladies, already dressed in tie-dye.  they romped in the back while the students watched in amusement.  It was strange to be done at 9:45 in the morning.  Off to the radio show.


I made it up to WXLV for a radio gig with Theo, my friend and photographer.  We had arranged for me to come up and play some tunes.  He and Burr Beard were doing a spot for the the Leigh/Delaware River Canal folks.  Jay Smar sang first with some right-on songs about the coal area, trains, etc.


During a lull in the proceedings, I asked if any of the three remembered my late friend and fellow Sheik Jerry Bastoni, and, indeed they all did, remarking of Jerry’s good energy in the very beginnings of this project – linking towns up and down the “spine” of history that shaped this area.  American Industrial Revolution history.  i said that my parents lived in Bristol at the bottom of the spine, and my father’s folks came from up at the top, near Hazelton.  Cool.


Mayfair tonight.