I’m starting to find out that one of my jobs as a Teaching Artist is to come in after required state testing, and de-compress the kids.  That’s what I did at Muhlenberg ES today.  3rd, 4th and 5th grades finished up testing, and I returned for three assemblies this morning.  The K, 1st and 2nd didn’t test but they got the first show, and the kids were good fun.  The 3rd and 4th came in for the second show and they got loose!  (So did their teachers!)  But I particularly enjoy the third session with the 5th graders.  As a special treat, I do a much less ‘structured’ show, and mix it up down amongst them.  Questions, songwriting exercises, and a big Cat Came Back finale. 


Muhlenberg ES has a good reputation for an active arts-oriented school.  So true.  Great backdrops on the stage of kids in “superstar” mode. I jammed with a young boy with me on guitar and he on piano.  Supportive teachers.  All good. Cool Thanks!


Tomorrow Cedar Grove with RR and my first visit in my new Creative Beginnings  Residency in Newark.