I traveled off to Skillman, NJ for a 6th b’day party. I used my GPS system to get me through the wilds of western NJ, and at one point passed a sign that said, “End of Paved Road”. Hmmmm. Sure enough I headed down an unpaved road (in NJ!!??), hoping there was a paved road at the other end, and not a dead end. There was, and I shortly thereafter arrived at the Whalen’s party. Star Wars theme with huge stick-on, life-sized Chewbacka, etc on the walls, and a live Darth Vader greeted me. (It actually was grandpa, not so scary in real life).

I played with and for the kids in basement, and it’s amazing the sometimes manic behavior of 6 year old boys. What I do works, but it is as close to work as I get. Phew. The kids all got I Like Peanut Butter as party gifts, so that’s really nice.

I left well fed and happy, back to CT in time for the Super Bowl on Sunday.