I had a nice re-visit to Fogelsville ES on Wednesday for am and pm shows. I recalled playing in the now-very small cafeteria. In fact, a teacher came up to me at the end of the day saying that she had heard me do I Wanna be a Dog at that time (and, yes, she was a teacher at the time…)  She said that she had a date with her now-husband at Cannon’s Bar later and I accepted her request to play it for the Liberty Street crowd.  But, then, the two audiences probably were similar in some respects….


The Fifth Grade came around to all the nonsense, as they usually do, but they take some prodding.  And, as always, its the Kindergarten teachers who lead the way for the other teachers, even when they see the “show” twice (am/pm K’s).


I went to the famous Starlite Diner of the Rt 78 exit for lunch.  I was handed the menu, and asked what was the age for the senior discount, and she said, “Oh, you’re fine.”  Thanks, I think.Undecided