I had three venues and four sets on Dec. 31st in Bethlehem. I was beat at the end of the day and the start of the new year.

The first set was at The Banana Factory at 1 pm, and nice group of families stopped by, including Chris Martin and his daughter. No sound system, but a small enough space to be fine.

Second set was in the Rotunda at City Hall, where the city elders come to pontificate in the round. It felt like being in the insides of a UFO, though (not that I’ve ever been in one…), and if things started spinning, I would have welcomed the trip…. It was full, with folks on the floor, and wrapped around on three sides. Again, a nice cross-section of families, curious elders and couples. Again, I stretched out with the family favorites (giving ’em what they want…). A band was setting up outside -to play outside- brrr… I’ve done that years ago in Allentown, but that was in only 31 degree weather – not like today with wind chill at 2 degrees.

Third venue was back at Godfrey’s for my annual two sets at 9 pm. Older audience, with some kids sprinkled in. Nice to play my adult stuff, get out my Waldoline, f-hole Martin, and my unique ramblings from the stage. Phantom showed up with his harps, and we jammed. Lots of familiar faces and “stabs from the past”. A great way to finish out the year for me, and pay the mortgage as well.

Home to CT with Rosalie in the morn.