Tuesday was a double header of sorts, with 300 miles on the old car. I headed out from Bethlehem for my 19th annual visit to Culbertson School in Newtown Square, and, as usual, Mr. Cook led the festivities. I was glad we did away with the chairs this year so we have lots of room to boogie. And we did. Nice to see some Phillies World Champion Santa hats, too.

Off to Voorhees, NJ and a RockRoots at Kellman Brown Academy, a small Jewish day school. A little noisy, but considering it was the afternoon before vacation, it was okay. It was nice to see everyone up and dancing at the end. Nick, JJ and Wayne formed the band today, and JJ was the only one with a RR shirt. Rookie!

A long drive home to CT in evening traffic, but not as bad as it could have been. I filled up with gas for $18 in NJ. My Christmas present to myself.