What a busy day – getting my Christmas tunes off the ground in style. I started out at St John’s in Allentown for their Advent breakfast, headed over to Cristkindlemarkt for two hours at the food court. that was fun, with several families hanging out and singing together with me. I brought the bag o’ instrruments and, at times, I seemed to be playing in a construction zone. Good though.

Sunday Night was at Allentown’s Symphony Hall for the resurrection of the LV Christmas Concert, produced by Miriam Huertas and Mike Krisukas. A great time to reconnect with my musical buds like Blackwater (the celtic group), Zen for Primates, Darlene Finelli, The Mayor Don Cunningham, Mo’s drum group, Hub Willson (photographer), and others. I emceed the opening quarter of the show, and played two songs in the second half. It’s so nice to play the big stage once in a while – even though I can’t see the audience.