Ah, yes. Back in CT. I did a new gig down in Clinton, CT this morning for a new elder center – Peregrines – with a nice twist – elders and the kids from the day care across the street. A nice mix. The older folks enjoyed the energy of the kids and brightened everyone’s day. A good thing.

I headed up to Roaring Brooks’ Open Mike with Ron Anthony. Anne’s goodies, good friends and some fine music. I got up early and did Barrelhouse first ( I decided I’d be serious, for a change.) during the ‘lead’ I called on ron to play the last part of the lead, actually inviting the audience to IMAGINE Ron’s lead. Ron actually chimed in, in real time, from the back of the room. Wow… the powers of suggestion….

I followed with my medley of Black Jack County Chain that weaves that song (a very powerful song I learned from Doc Watson) and Jerusalem Ridge and some nifty chordal stuff I threw in as filler. It’s a nice piece a bunch of friends commented on it. As Ron said, I gotta play this serious stuff too. Yup.

Another interesting moment happened in the set before me, Dave Hull was playing a nice instrumental when a lady’s cell phone went off on a somewhat jazzy chord. It actually fit. It went off again, amazingly at the same place in the song. Wow….

Train Wreck had a new song celebrating “Obama, He’s the Champ” with the old tune “The Lady is a Tramp”. nice. Off to Pa tomorrow and a RockRoots in Allentown, NJ on Friday morning.