I had the pleasure and honor to open for my friend John Gorka at Godfrey’s on Thursday. Two thieves retuning to the scene of the crime, as it were. It was a full house and a receptive audience. I tried out Guantanamo Bay, and got it almost right, Shark, Giants, Charlie James, a banjo medley, with 29th Regimen thrown in, a Waldzither jig medley, and finished up with Bo Diddley, with the audience doing the drum break.

John’s set was, as always, warm and poetic, with some tunes we haven’t heard in a while, and John graciously wove in his experiences here at Godfrey’s and in Bethlehem. He still keeps it real and genuine. Go John! Thanks for the CD, too.

The LV tour continues tomorrow at Tallarico’s Chocolates on First Friday.