We had our firts RR of the season at a nice K-5 school – Terhune ES – in Wayne school. It was good to see the lads again, and catch up with our travels. It was nice to see pictures of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington up on the stage curtains. Made me feel right at home. The older kids were up and dancing and we had a rollicking good time. I amazed myself by remembering the show after 4 months of vacation, but I guess it’s genetically imprinted by now. Good to be out on the road again with RockRoots.

Back to Bethlehem and meet with Otto Bost who’s going to update my web site, since Front Page has some major hidden worms that preclude working on the site from different computers. Drat. Anyway, the mp3’s will be working soon, and full versions at that. Stay tuned.