This was another part of my secret life as a Teaching Artist, appearing again as Dave, the student. I’m doing a two-day exploration of The ABC’s of Learning, centering on how to teach well. Simple statement but rather expansive. I’m with some YANJ Creative Beginnings folks, and various administrators and artists. Nice folks, all. And thanks to Ross Danis, our guru, and Wendy Liscow from the Dodge Foundation.

Did you know that teachers make around 5000 decision every day, akin to airport traffic controllers. No wonder they’re worn out.

We worked on how to involve your students (and, by extension, audience) in active participation and how that makes learning process quicker, deeper for the student and more efficient and effective as a teacher. random phrases that stuck – make invitations to talk to each other in order to broaden the process to more kids – enjoy the quiet after a question, and use it. the longer the pause increases the quality of the response. Hmmm…..

Interesting section on Inhibitors. Do any of these rattle your memory?
Who can tell me?….. Can anyone tell me?… answering your own questions… saying students name first. These all tend to help the rest of the students reply silently, oh, good. It’s not me. And then tune out of the process.

By the way, it poured all the way there from CT, I got there close but not on time. It started to snow while we were there, sometimes looking like goose features. 7 hours on the road, but worth it.