I’ve been banging around my application for this year’s stab at the CT Troubadour “Contest”, working on a song about the CT 29th Colored Regimen, a Civil War outfit of Blacks and Native Americans that fought in that war. After much technical snarls, recorders, computers, etc., I finally got the song down on a CD form this morning, and put it in the mail with the application. A load off my head.

The process (this is my third attempt) is always a growth experience, not only with the song-writing, but with updating my peripherals – web site, promo, video to DVD, gig count, etc. So I really have a chance to focus on my biz. The narrative sections are good philosophic exercises, too.

Web site – still have to get comfortable with Front Page skills and fix the music listening snaffu. Soon…
Promo – it’s still a home project, but a project that’s got to be done.
Video to DVD – I found some great video from Philly Folk and a few other sources, so I look forward to sharing some of that soon on the web site. I had to get a VID-DVD machine, and now I have to find some editing space to fine tune the material.
Gig Count – 2007 – 180, 2008 – 187, so far.

So, we’ll see how it goes this time.