Oh how I love these East Wharf gigs. Lots of familiar faces, some new ones, and great weather. One lad pick up some shakers and “religiously” played on every song. I got him up to finish the evening, ending Splish Splash. More on him in a sec. A guitarist and singer, who was watching me from nearby, came up after and asked to play a few tunes. I knew he was a player, so I said sure…. He was from Brazil and sang and played some interesting and very jazzy stuff, and was a pleasant surprise. As I sat and listened, my young rhythm friend came up and sat next to me, taking it all in. These are special moments, and do not go unnoticed by me. Making connections…. Off to PA overnight for Das Awkscht Fescht on Saturday. From 7 pm Thursday til Friday 6 pm, four gigs in 24 hours. Just in time for the mortgage.