Saturday was the return to my old stomping grounds in Macungie, PA for at great automobile festival, this year featuring the DeSoto – big fins, jutting tail lights, lots of metal….

I arrived 45 minutes before hand for my “show” on the kids stage, when Barb said can I play the main stage, since there was a no-show for the first act. I said, “Sure”. Can you do it in 15 minutes? I said, “Sure.” So, I did. Actually it was interesting in that I had no time to think about it, and it was a wonderful set of music and fun. Ah yes, no time to think.

The second set was back again at the kids stage, in a new, and very nice place in the park. Several teens stopped by, and, surprisingly, hung out for the show. It’s not often that they do. But, at the end, one came up and asked for “The Cat Came Back” and he went to school with my son in 1st grade, and remembered my music. This is pretty cool, in my book. This stuff happens fairly regularly.

Day off and Musikfest on Monday.