My friend Ron Anthony called me up on Sunday, and said that there was music festival at the Northford Congregational Church on Sunday. He said he was going to play, so I said I’d clean up my act (I was dancing with a new toilet and a refrigerator at home…) and come down.

Perched on a hill, the NCC is a nice brownstone church, and they had a sound system, and, I assume members of the congregation playing. Mighty fine. I walked down to the place listening to “The Wreck of the Ol’ 97”, and I knew this would be nice. And it was.

Ron did a nice set, as usual, and I got to play “July” again – I’m finally getting it up to snuff on the 27th day of the month. It’s nice to surprise new folks, and it was a good set. The other folks played some very interesting and fun stuff, and it’s great to get people together and play music. Pretty basic. …and they fed the musicians, too.

It was nice to sit in my new home town, Northford, and take in the day, great clouds and good music. I realized I’m a Southside Northford immigrant, and Ron is part of the Northside Northford landed gentry. Oh, well.

Off to New Canaan tomorrow and PA and NJ and NY.