Yes,, today I traveled to Worlds End, and beyond, to Forksville, PA, in fact. It was the Sullivan County “Taste” gathering, with wineries, a brewery, and several top-shelf restaurants. Folks sipped and nibbled and sweated in a typically leisurely summer pace, while The Green Valley Boys took the stage, and I followed with “Folk”. Low key, some rain, but good folks to nosh with.

It was all downhill from Eagles Mere to Bethlehem, but I enjoyed a rainbow over Bear Creek (you had to be there…) caught up with the storms in Allentown. A very nice trip to a beautiful part of PA, with all the touristy effects – PA thunderstorms!

But they forgot the check. I’m a nice guy, what can you say?

Home to CT and back out of town next week to Annapolis. Who books these things? Oh, yeah… me.