This was a very, very nice way to spend the afternoon on the Fourth of July at the Farmers’ Market on the green in Madison, CT. Low key, under the old oak tree, with families, elders, etc. strolling by, sitting on the grass, singing and dancing and watching the little girls in sun dresses dancing to the music. Ah, this is summer!

One very strange event – things like this pop up during gigs from the strangest angles. We we’re singing “The Cat Came Back” when a woman stormed up and emphatically shouted for me to stop the song, morally outraged that I was singing a song about harming cats. She claimed that she had lost two cats in the past and insisted that I stop immediately. I told her it was a folk song, that I didn’t write it, and if she would allow me to finish the chorus. Nope. The rest of us were rather taken aback. I quickly started another song, and, when that one was done, I stated that no cats were harmed in making that song. Phew…

Anyway, it was a really great way to spend the holiday afternoon, making music in the community. I also got a free pecan pie, a loaf of superb fennel, whole-wheat Italian bread, some fresh tomatoes and enough tip money to buy a pizza for the family on the way home.

Bunch of CT gigs coming up, and I look forward to not buying as much gas.