Thursday evening – Tunes at Twilight – in the acoustically friendly confines of the Sun Inn Courtyard. As always, it’s a balance between chaos and control. I enjoy trying to juggle material for tonight’s family audience, kids, “normal” folks, dogs, C&W fanatics, old friends and Lehigh professors.

I passed out rhythm instruments early on to the kids and, at times, it got a little distracting. But, you know, it still comes down to letting the kids play as opposed to trying to get too artsy. So it goes.

It’s always good to return to Bethlehem for a gig like this, check in with folks from my ample past, and get to play for a bunch of new folks, old and young. It’s what I like to do. Thanks, folks.

Doubleheader tomorrow with RockRoots in NJ and then Tallarico’s Chocolate for First Friday back in Bethlehem. Phew…