Phew… a lot of gigging and family-celebrating stuff – it happens this time of year. Schools like fun assemblies when the teachers get rammy. We help ’em out.
RockRoots has been hitting the highways recently, enjoying the new high gas prices. Middle schools in Vineland, Unionville and Stewartsville, elementary schools in Princeton Junction, Mountainside, and Stewartsville again. The middle school music teacher actually went home and got his trombone, shades and beret to sit in with us in the afternoon. Yes!

I played for a kindergarten graduation at Circle Nursery, not far from my old home in Madison. As usual, I worked up a sweat, and we celebrated in style. And, I returned to Cheston School in Easton for our annual celebration of Cougar Day. These folks are the best: tuna hoagie for lunch, two shows with kids who know the songs and are ready to boogie, teachers wearing vintage Cougar Day t-shirts (I got the newest Paw print -very stylish!) and they pay me a year ahead! Wow! I’m glad I show up!

My daughter Rosalie graduated in style, as well, from the Forman School in Litchfield this past weekend. It called for a gathering of the Wilson Frys extended families. Sister Janet, son Jaimie, Kim and her kin – parents, sister and brother and their families, and David and Susan, good friends from all the way from Emmaus! I do the cooking – I’m the butler of this situation. We all gathered at our house in Northford and carried on.

Rosalie has found a nice path in life, and has always endeared herself to her mentors, teachers and friends… and little kids, too. Especially little kids. Notice a similarity?

Rosalie sang several times at the Arts night on Friday, with a vocal quartet, and singing a song of her own (this one she wanted to, and succeeded in doing in a different and curious style – nice) with a small band behind here. She also sang in various other groups, and she took the hard part – the un-melody, something I’m not good at. (Playing solo makes it hard to do harmonies) I’m a proud papa. Yup.

Off to Long Island – crack o’ dawn. On the road again….