I returned to one of my favorite K-centers in Macungie. It was a wet, wet day – outside and inside – lots of sweat. Anyway, Theo returned to take some live shots – thanks, dude, for the pix. A few weeks ago, I mentioned a teacher coming up and mentioning her son’s first written sentence was, “The cat came back the very next day.” Today, Mathew, the kid, came up and introduced himself to me and made that connection. So, I got him up to sing the chorus with me and he knocked it out of the park. Thanks, Mathew! A day off on Saturday (I get to see Claudia Schmidt at Godfrey’s tomorrow night) and then off to Spring Gulch on Sunday.

PS I just got this email:

My name is Lori. I am the 5th grade teacher from Muhlenberg Elementary School you met a few weeks ago. I told you about my son’s first sentence being “The cat came back the very next day.” Yesterday you met my son Matthew at the Lower Macungie Kindergarten Center. We just wanted to thank you for acknowledging his accomplishment
and inviting him to sing on stage with you. What an awesome experience for him! You Rock!

Lori and Mathew