I had a fascinating day in New Brunswick at an Arts/Education gathering with plenty of administrators, teaching artists, and other artsy types. We were addressed by a real, genuine knight – Sir Ken Robinson, who talked about his concepts of “Out of our Minds – Creativity” He suggested a revolution in arts education, away from the “No Child Left Behind”, to a creativity-driven (and the sciences are ‘creative’, too), customization, as opposed to standardization.

Looks like I have some reading to do.

I also attended a great workshop on Urban SmArts – creativity in the inner city. Fabulous with great tools and philosophies. then, I did a financial workshop that gave me a headache – this is the stuff that hurts my brain – but helped me immeasurably to be more $$ literate. No small task for me.

I do these seminars cause they inspire me and let me know I’m on the right path in many ways. And, I get to see other fellow travelers and teaching artists, and take in some philosophy, as well.

My thanks to YANJ for helping make this available to me and other arts-educator explorers.

good stuff.