Saturday took me to one of the coolest museums I’ve had the chance to play at – the Grounds For Sculpture, outside of Trenton, NJ. And, it was Ground Hogs Day, as well!! Two very friendly sets with families, Sophia’s birthday party, little toddlers, and a whole lot of shakin’ going on! A photographer for the Gardens was there, so look to their site in the future. This place has wide-open spaces with large pieces, winding paths with smaller surprises, indoor sculpture exhibits, cafe, etc., etc. Check it out. I plan to go visit in the spring with my wife, Kim. It’s beautiful any time of the year.

Sunday took me back home to CT to tote firewood, do my laundry and head up northwest to Roaring Brook Nature Center, home of the world-class folk venue, open mike haven and the loving care of Jay Kaplan. Jay and his o’possum opened the show for me, and I opened with the ever popular 5 Little Possums. Rosalie helped me out with the Happy Shark, which I learned from her. Check out the good stuff in Canton, CT.

Off to PA, and listen to the Giants win the Super Bowl.