A three-sweat day on Monday….

The Banana Factory kicked off the day at 1:00 with a fairly loopy crowd, instigated by two loopy fans. A giggle fest, three NJ women, the big sister from Easton (I’m gonna tell..), and good families.

I then hit the stage at Godfrey’s at 3 pm, no sound system, a lot of up and down and clownin’ around. A very wee child to my left was full of joy, and proceeded to attack the stage. Again, a full house of kids, families and curious adults. I love it.

I had the luxury of playing the same stage later, as I sat in with my friend Joey Mutis, aka The Electric Farm. Joey and I shared a capo, several songs, and I got to see first hand Joey work his crowd. They did more singing than he did. Cool.

I followed up with two sets of my own, and these nights are special. Again, a very mixed bag o’ folks, so I sprinkled in some of the kids’ stuff like Shark and Peanut Butter, cause that stuff is simply great theater, regardless of audience. But I also got to stretch on some fun stuff for me from my folkie bag: Miss. John Hurt, Bo Diddley, swing, Celtic, etc. I pulled out my fabulous Waldzither again (only for special occasions), and plunked the mandolin. It’s a real treat to spend two sets with friends. It’s rare and wonderful, and the best way for me to celebrate the New Year! Thanks to you all.