I wrapped up my annual Daniel Boone school tour in style. I dodged the ice storm yesterday to get in both show for the Amity 2 – 5 graders, and, as the weather cleared, made it smooth sailing for today. the morning was spent at my favorite kindergarten center at Monacasy. I’ve been playing for these kids in this small center for years, and always features “Nice Dog”, the school mascot. He was a hit again. The teachers had a feast laid out for lunch, including two chocolate/marshmallow desserts. Phew! The Center is closing down next year and I will sorely miss the place.

The afternoon was for the Amity K-2nd grade school. Opposite end of the spectrum – ~400 kids, but it lent itself to the “Dance Concert” concept. We had great time a-reeling and a-rocking!

Monocasy School also gave me a Dave Fry Daniel Boone 2007 Tour T-Shirt. How cool is that?