Good to be back home. I’ve spend a good deal of time driving lately, but found a great podcast to keep me in a good frame of mind. Utah Phillips is now laying down ~17 minute reflections upon occasion and can be found on Itunes. Utah is one of the great voices in folk music, recognizing how important “sub-industrial” music is to our culture. Bruce comes from the union side of things, is quite the historian, and a gifted storyteller. He also speaks from the heart.

The Golden Voice of the Great Southwest, as he goes by, has been a tremendous influence in what I do, having seen him perform at Cafe Lena’s, just as I was discovering this lively (and live) art in the late 60’s. He began to play Godfrey’s in the late 70’s, along with sidekick Rosalie Sorrels, and that was a dream come true. A consummate rascal and raconteur who cared about the club and its folk music audience.

Utah has curtailed his live performances due to heart problems, but has taken upon himself to report in from Nevada City, CA, via the internet, and his sessions are pithy, funny and instructive, and its great to hear his wise words as well. Check it out.